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Do you have estate planning form issues?  NEEP has the answer.

New England Estate Planning (“NEEP”)(, which opened for attorney registration on January 1st, has just announced that it has added more documents to its automated estate planning library. Only lawyers actively licensed in Maine, New Hampshire, or Massachusetts can register with NEEP.  Attorney registration is free.  NEEP has not opened its automated platform at this time to all attorney registrants but plans on launching this part of the site by January 1, 2021.  Until that time, NEEP has been made available to some beta users.

What type of forms will NEEP make available?

The breadth of coverage is the central focus of NEEP.  There are other services, such as ElderDocs or InterActive Legal, that are better situated for technical drafting.  Maximum efficiency, and a place to start, for the drafting lawyer or his or her staff, is what NEEP is all about.

Basic wills

Revocable trusts (individual and joint)

Powers (financial and health)



Letters (to clients and third parties)

Client acknowledgments

Engagement agreements


Probate forms

Appointments, Acceptances, Resignations


Nonjudicial Settlement Agreements

Small Estate Affidavits



Gift deeds

Basic court filing forms (Entry of appearance, motion, order, etc.)

Probate forms

And more!

NEEP will focus on the forms that slow your busy practice down and make them accessible and useful.   From time to time, every lawyer has need of a form that is missing from his or her arsenal.  NEEP is here to address that need.  NEEP is also creating the first attorney rated directory of other professionals and the first automation site that will enable third parties to integrate their information into forms that save lawyers time.

About Smilie G. Rogers

Smilie is an elder law, estate planning, probate, and tax attorney at Brennan & Rogers, PLLC, with offices in York and Kennebunk, Maine. See Licensed to practice law in Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire and licensed, but inactive, in Virginia. Smilie is also the founder of New England Estate Planning, see, a fledgling website with the stated purpose of sharing legal knowledge and know-how, including automated forms, with and among estate planning lawyers.
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