Announcing a New Automated Estate Planning Platform for New England Lawyers – Coming Soon

Over the past several months I have been kicking into high gear a dream of mine; to create a free, yep – well, mostly free, automated estate planning platform for lawyers.  Over the years, one thing after another has prevented this dream from moving forward but things have started to change.  While a lot of work remains, New England Estate Planning (NEEP) will open for attorney registration on January 1, 2020!  I hope the actual site will launch, even if in a beta format, in 6 to 12 months after January 1st.

Frequently asked questions are likely to be:

  1. Will this be open to the public?  Answer:  No.  Only to lawyers licensed to practice in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.
  2. What forms will it offer?  Answer:  The forms library is intended to be more expansive than commercial products but less in-depth. Coverage will start with general estate planning documents (will, revocable trust, powers (financial and healthcare-related), letters, deeds, leases, specialized trusts, practice tools, and checklists.  With time and contributions from participating attorneys, the library may be expanded.
  3. Is it really free for lawyers?  Answer:  Many forms will be free.  Many checklists and workflows will be free. The free area of the site is intended to be expansive and not simply a teaser.  However, there will be a premium section, which will contain forms that attorneys can purchase a subscription form.  Customized firm forms can be created and maintained separately and billed on a subscription basis.
  4. Will my information be safe: Answer:   Yes, but you have to do your own risk assessment. The automated service NEEP will use has a dedicated commercial encrypted server.  Answer files are only available to the attorney that creates them.  Documents are delivered by email (in Word or PDF) or can be downloaded as directed by the drafting attorney.

To learn more, please visit  If you want to be reminded when registration begins, please email your name, bar number and contact information to or

About Smilie G. Rogers

Smilie is an elder law, estate planning, probate, and tax attorney at Brennan & Rogers, PLLC, with offices in York and Kennebunk, Maine. See Licensed to practice law in Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire and licensed, but inactive, in Virginia. Smilie is also the founder of New England Estate Planning, see, a fledgling website with the stated purpose of sharing legal knowledge and know-how, including automated forms, with and among estate planning lawyers.
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